How To Find The Right Coolsculpting Specialist

How To Find The Right Coolsculpting Specialist

It’s pretty simple to find a bad coolsculpting surgeon…but what about the really good ones? And not just the great specialists, but the best one for your body and your procedure?

Well, we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at the surefire ways to identify a skilled, competent coolsculpting specialist.

Your coolsculpting specialist has good reviews or comes recommended by a friend.

There are so many online tools for rating doctors, that healthcare is really a buyer’s market nowadays. Sites like Real Self allow past patients to rate doctors based on professionalism, results and comfort, which you should absolutely use to your advantage.

Popular surgeons and specialists will often have dozens of reviews, making it easy for you to weed out the bad doctors and find start your search off on the right foot.

Your coolsculpting doctor has enough experience to create the results you want.

Recommendations and word of mouth are great things to look for when looking for a specialist, but they aren’t the whole story.

Make sure your surgeon can provide before-and-after shots of past patients. Any specialist worth his salt should have plenty of satisfied patients with great results who are willing to provide their pictures.

That’s really important because people all have different body types, and coolsculpting can be performed safely on many areas of the body.

You’re looking for ‘before’ pics of people with a similar body type to you, and who received coolsculpting in the same area. If their ‘after’ pictures look great, you’re probably on the right track.

Your doctor makes you feel comfortable.

This point is often overlooked but incredibly important.

You’ll never be 100% satisfied with your coolsculpting procedure unless the specialist performing your procedure—and their staff—make you feel right at home.

So ask yourself:

  • Is the staff knowledgeable?
  • Are they friendly?
  • Is the office squeaky clean?
  • Does the specialist spend enough time talking to you?
  • Do they answer all of your questions?
  • Does your coolsculpting specialist discuss your procedure in a reasonable way, or do they use a lot of hype and sales techniques in your consultation?

Sometimes, even the best specialists just don’t hit it off with certain patients. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you’ll have to keep your options open while you’re looking for a coolsculpting clinic.

Bottom line, go with your gut.

His fees are priced reasonably.

There’s no shame in talking about price right off the bat. Coolsculpting is a common procedure, and most clinics should be priced competitively.

The key here is to be wary of rates that seem very high or very low.

With a very cheap price, you might expect untrained technicians and specialists, old equipment, and unsanitary facilities.

Very expensive coolsculpting procedures generally don’t offer much more than reasonably priced ones—except perhaps a ’boutique’ setting or celebrity doctors who care more for money than your health.

Cost should be the least important factor when choosing a specialist. Ultimately, your health and body are at stake here—go on experience, friendliness and professionalism

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